The ONE THING for today

A chance encounter?

The following is a poem that has often crossed my path during my reading and devotional time over the years; it never fails to touch me and refocused me on what/who really matters.  Yet again it was used by an author that I am currently reading–and it’s quiet majesty touched my soul again.  I thought I’d share it with you today…read it slowly and see if it touches a chord in your soul as well.


I had walked life’s way with an easy tread,

Had followed where comforts and pleasures led,

Until one day in a quiet place

I met the master face to face.

With station and rank and wealth for my goal,

Much thought for my body but none for my soul,

I had entered to win in Life’s mad race,

When I met the Master face to face.

I met Him and knew Him and blushed to see

That His eyes full of sorrow were fixed on me,

And I faltered and fell at His feet that day

While my castles melted and vanished away.

Melted and vanished, and in their place,

Naught else did I see but the Master’s face;

And I cried aloud, “Oh, make me meet

To follow the steps of Thy wounded feet.”

My thought is now for the souls of men;

I have lost my life to find it again,

E;er since one day in a quiet place

I met the Master face to face.

(Author unknown)

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