Sonja Gets the Last Word

Learning to ride a bicycle

If you were like me, you didn’t just hop on a bicycle and take off riding.  My ever-patient dad ran along beside me and kept me going until I got the hang of it.  But even then, I fell off several times and I have the scars on my legs to prove it.  I also have scars from being cut by a glass, being burned while learning to cook, and from bringing two children into the world by caesarean section.  Every scar has a story behind it.  I’m sure your scars do as well.

Some scars cannot be seen by the human eye.  These “wounds of the soul” we keep hidden from view; afraid that repulsion would be the reaction should these blemishes come to light.  This may be true from a human standpoint, but it is not true from God’s viewpoint.  He knows all about scars and wounds…

Philip Yancey reminds us of this truth:imagesRWDDXMPF

“Read through the Gospels and you’ll find only one scene in which someone addresses Jesus directly as God: “My Lord and my God!” Do you know who said that? It was doubting Thomas, the disciple stuck in sadness, the last holdout against believing the incredible news of resurrection. Jesus appeared to Thomas in his newly transformed body, obliterating Thomas’ doubts. What prompted that outburst of belief, however, was the presence of scars. Feel my hands, Jesus told him. Touch my side. Finger my scars. In a flash of revelation Thomas saw the wonder of Almighty God, the Lord of the Universe, stooping to take on our pain, to complete the union with humanity.”

Never doubt that Jesus understands all about wounds and scars.  And never doubt that He can use those very experiences to point others to the transforming love and power that comes with belief in Him.

“Let no one cause me trouble, for I bear on my body the marks of Jesus.” ~ Paul (Gal. 4:17 NIV)

Sure, we may stumble and fall and end up with scars to prove it… But we also have a Heavenly Father running along beside us.  He’ll help us up again and again until we get the hang of it!

Pedaling along…



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