The ONE THING for today

Sugar water won’t do…

It’s good to remember that while the Bible is all true, God has not revealed all truth in the Bible. Or put another way, the Bible is only truth, but the Bible is not the only truth—God has chosen to reveal much of his truth outside the Bible.

For example while the Bible is scientifically accurate, it is not a textbook on science.

Or take mathematics. While there are no mathematical errors in God’s inerrant Word, the truth is, there is hardly enough math in the Bible to make you worry about it containing errors (one of the reasons the Bible is my favorite book!). Geometry and algebra are almost completely missing and there is no calculus. In other words, the Bible makes no claim at being a math textbook.

Let me give you one more example: history. What little history that is recorded in the Bible can be trusted. For the last two centuries archeologist continue to validate on a regular basis the truthfulness of the history recorded in the Bible. The only problem is that virtually all the history of entire human race is ignored in the Bible. The purpose of the Bible is not to be a history book but to record the history of God’s redemptive work in the world by showing how he mercifully extended grace to the tiny nation of Israel.

So what is the ONE THING for today? Be a life-long learner of all of God’s truth.

In other words, while never compromising your commitment to being a faithful student of the Bible (that is your first and primary priority as a student), do not forget the rest of God’s truth.   To be all that God wants you to be, you must be a life-long learner.

The irony is that it has never been easier to be a student, yet with all the options that are at our finger tips, it has also never been easier to be distracted away from really studying. Like hummingbirds, we flit from one topic to another never really drilling down to learn the “God-truth” that is all around us.

Sugar water may be OK for hummingbirds, but we humans need the bread of life and the meat of God’s word; all His word—both the inspired truth (Bible) and God’s general revelation.

There’s so much to learn and so little time…let’s get going…


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