A Mid-day Moment

End of the World days…

   “In Switzerland there is a town by the name of End der Welt. In English it is translated “End of the World.” This town is surrounded by high mountains and the road stops on the farther side of the town at the base of a sheer rocky cliff. Looking at it one feels he can go no further. But hidden away in that rocky cliff is a narrow path that leads on to the mountain heights. So in life. If one searches diligently in his “end of the world” experiences, he finds a way that enables him to go on.”

_Charles Allen, Healing Words, pg.103.

One thought on “End of the World days…

  1. Pastor Kemp’s blog, End of the World’s Days, reminds me of Hannah Hurnard’s allegorical novel, On Hinds’ Feet on High Places. I highly recommend this book to everyone who struggles in life.

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