The ONE THING for today

The truth is in there somewhere

The story has not changed: Doubt is always bolstered by lies; faith is always strengthened by the truth.

Here’s the typical routine…

Satan (or one his accomplices) injects doubt into a situation (“Has God said…?” // Genesis 3:1).

And then comes the lie: “You shall not die.” (Genesis 3:4).

You’ve heard the routine:

  • How can God love me when this is happening? (The doubt)
  • If God loved me this would not happen. (The lie)
  • God does not love me. (The sad and wrong conclusion)

What is the answer?

The answer is to stay focused on the truth, for the truth sets you free from the stranglehold of doubt. And the truth, as it relates to the above scenario, is nothing can separate you from the love of God (Romans 8:31-39).

You may be going through a tough and confusing time and finding an explanation as to why may be hard to come by, but the truth has not changed: God loves you. Thus, you must act on the truth—not the temporary situation that is creating so much pain in your life.

The ONE THING for today: Always beware of doubt; it is usually the devil’s tool. Remind yourself, in the midst of your doubts, that the truth is in there somewhere. Head toward the truth and you will always find Jesus (John 14:6) and staying close to Jesus is the key to living a life of peace, hope, and victory.

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