The ONE THING for today

Onion rings everyday

This year Sonja and I are blessed to be able to pick up our grandson, David Lee, from school each afternoon.

This past Monday Sonja picked up some onion rings to have waiting for him when he got in the car—as a “surprise”. (David Lee loves onion rings.)

As expected David Lee wolfed them down in no time and then with a sigh of satisfaction said, “Nana, why don’t we have a surprise on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday also?” 🙂

Isn’t that just like human nature?

We experience an unexpected blessing and we want one every day.

I thought about that in my studies of Genesis 2:4-25. Adam hit the jackpot. He got up one day and God began to bring all the different animals by for him to meet and name: Mr. and Mrs. Tiger, Mr. and Mrs. Giraffe, Mr. and Mrs. Robin and on and on they came, one surprise after another.

I don’t know how many hours or days this took but it must have taken some time. Ever how long it took, the hour came when all the animals had finally paraded by, and then there was the awkward silence—there was no “Mrs.” Adam.  What a downer, the surprises had come to an end and there was no applause.

Yet it was the glaring absence of “no helper comparable to him” (Genesis 2:20) that set Adam up for the best surprise ever. God orchestrated the entire process to show Adam that he was more than an animal; that he was in a class all by himself and thus needed an “in-a-class-all-by-herself” counterpart. Together, they would express the image of god.

There’s a lesson here for all of us, who like David Lee, would like to have a good surprise every day.

  • The ONE THING for today: Just because God hasn’t given you a good surprise today doesn’t mean He doesn’t love you; it means he is setting you up for the best surprise you’ve ever experienced.

So be patient, just because you don’t get onion rings every day doesn’t mean God doesn’t love you.

Just hold on till lunch!

Just hold on till lunch!



2 thoughts on “Onion rings everyday

  1. I think I would like onion rings every day, but then, I’d probably get sick of them, maybe. Like you said though, human nature.

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