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Sonja gets the last word…on VBS

untitledFort Mill Church of God is beginning “VBS” (Vacation Bible School) tomorrow.  With that in mind I thought I’d use a recent devotional my wife prepared for her Home Builder’s Class that was based on her own VBS memories.  I think you’re enjoy it, and for many it will bring back some good memories…

Sonja gets the last word: 

Step outside and you will know that summer has arrived.  In the South this means heat, humidity, and VBS.  Like afternoon thunder showers, signs proclaiming this yearly event are popping up all over town.  (Our own church will hold VBS July 27-31.)

Coming from a small town where our entertainment often consisted of counting the different color of the cars that happened to drive by, VBS was a BIG deal. I loved Vacation Bible School and in fact, I still do!  My memories include marching into the church while loudly singing “Onward Christian Soldiers”… pledging the American and Christian flags and the Bible… flannel graph lessons, glue, Popsicle sticks… cookies and Kool-aid…and of course, running in the summer heat until sticky with sweat.  Ah, VBS!

While reflecting on these memories, I found several truths that can be applied to our lives and relationships today.

First is loyalty. Saying the pledge of allegiance to the flags taught us to be loyal to important things like our God and our country.  In this day and age, when very little is held to be sacred, memories of VBS challenge us to be loyal to the vows we made on our wedding day and to the covenant represented by those vows. Loyalty says, “Come what may, I’m with you all the way!”

Second is teamwork. Almost all of the games at VBS involved having fun together, not each person wandering off by themselves. Certainly there are times when we need personal space, but when those times outnumber the times we do things together, “Houston, we have a problem!”  Husbands and wives remain best friends by being on the “same team” and playing together as often as possible.

I could mention a lot of other things, but last of all, I would have to point to the importance of the Word of God. The center of VBS is Bible and that precious book must be the central focus of our families as well. This will only happen as we become “people of the Book”; sharing stories from the Bible with our kids, applying the truths to everyday events and consistently living out that truth day after day.

Onward Christian soldiers!  Fight for your family with loyalty, teamwork and dependence on the Word of God.

Cookies and Kool-aid optional…

2 thoughts on “Sonja gets the last word…on VBS

  1. The first time I heard that Jesus love me was in VBS. We memorized John 3:16. Also the little song” Oh who cake a flower? No wne but God is true!” I was only 5 then . Now I am 68. I never forgot the verse or the song throughout my life. When I was 19 the LORD saved me. I have been dedicated to HIm since then. And it all began in VBS! Let’s pray for the VBS and the teachers.

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