A Mid-day Moment

Walking into the Light

When God chose to create our universe he started with light (Genesis 1:3).  We should take our cue from God.  The first thing you should do in any endeavor is shed light on the situation at hand.

Use questions like:

  • “Would you help me understand this better?”
  • “Could you explain why?”
  • Use “repeat backs” (Repeating back what you thought someone said) // never underestimate how much “darkness” occurs between someone’s mouth and your ears.  Repeat backs shed light on ambiguities and miscommunication.

Set priorities like:

  • I will seek to understand what the Bible says about this first.
  • I will get the facts.
  • I will get both sides.

Oh, and just as sure as Friday follows Thursday; the moment you turn on the light darkness appears.  Be prepared with for it.  Most people muddle through life in a fog of grey but you will be different, you will start with the light.  Shedding the light on a situation marks clearly the right path and also the danger zones.

Therefore, use discretion and finish strong today–walking into the light.

One thought on “Walking into the Light

  1. Great way to start the day! I start by turning on the coffee, then I walk from one window to the next and the doors and open them wide for daylight to come in! (as soon as it dawns, that is!) I like plenty of light! Your blog today reminds me of my daily routine.

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