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The quietest day of my life…

Well, I’m finishing up the quietest day of my life.

As you PEPpers know, I’m under doctor’s orders to put in three completely silent days this week.  This was day one–I believe it was the quietest day of my life.  The only noise was Lucy my cat fussing at me to give her food.  I did go out for dinner with Briana & Co. \\ that was a challenge but I managed to keep my mouth shut (and people say the days of miracles are over).

This process has given me a new found respect for those that cannot speak and a new appreciation for those verses about controlling our tongue–easier said than done.

But so far so good–one day down; two more to go.


5 thoughts on “The quietest day of my life…

  1. Lifted you in prayer this morning! My prayer was that although you can’t hear your voice, may you hear the voice of God! Have a great day! Psalm 46:10

    • Thank you Samantha, that’s a good way to put it; and that is exactly what has happened. Its amazing how much easier it is to hear God when I shut my mouth! 🙂

  2. I empathize with you, Pastor Kemp. ALS took my audible voice two years ago, after 5 long years of not knowing what was going on. I have learned to listen more and let the Holy Ghost speak to me the coinciding Scriptures when people are speaking. In my 48 years of following Jesus, I hear Him more clearly now, even in my mind. The mind is a battlefield between faith and doubt. Thank God I have dwelt in the Word all these years. The Holy Spirit calls up the scriptures in my mind when the devil comes in like a flood. I believe God is healing me for the Bible tells me so. I am awaiting the manifestations of healing. For God sent His Word, Jesus, for healing you and me, snatching us from the very edge of the grave. Psalm 107:20, 1 Peter 2:24 I pray for your voice to come back strongly for your voice needs to be heard amongst God’s people. Your voice is a voice calling out in the wilderness of new ageism that has been seeping in like a fox, diluting the truth of Holiness and righteousness and the power of the Blood of Jesus. Rise up and be made whole, for we need your voice!

    • Bless you Billie. I don’t even suggest I can relate to what you are going through, but this season of struggling to speak sure helps me to understand a little better. I send my heartfelt prayers to Heaven on your behalf.

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