The ONE THING for today

Everyone is Your Inferior in Some Way

  • Luke 1:66 (NKJV) And all those who heard them kept them in their hearts, saying, “What kind of child will this be?” (Zechariah 10:7 \\ Proverbs 16:24)

Years ago—the source is now forgotten, someone said, “Everyone is your superior in some way; therefore, you can learn from everyone.”

I have never forgotten that statement and I can say with integrity that I have practiced consistently the principle behind that statement to my great benefit.

However, if the above statement is true then logic says that its opposite is also true: “Everyone is your inferior in some way; you can teach them something.”

When the people looked down into the face of newly born John the Baptist they asked the pivotal question of his life: “What kind of child will this be?”

Helplessness is not a permanent state; little babies become something.

The same is true for everyone you meet. You look into their faces and wonder, “Why are they so stupid?” You observe them acting like a child and scratch your head and think, when will they ever grow up?

  • The ONE THING for today: Here’s the deal, you help them become something; you help them grow up–you are their superior in some way.

Just as little babies don’t become something by tossing them in a toy box like they were a doll baby, we all need continuing nourishment and attention throughout our lives. That is why God sends mentors and teachers into our lives…to help us become something; to help us grow up.

Be a grace giver and a mercy merchant and help people. And I know as well as you, people cannot be helped until they are ready to be helped, but still they can be helped by you not making the situation worse by acting like a child with them.

Prayer: Finding fault is so easy; today ask the Holy Spirit to show you how to help.

The Power of Caring: Babies do not grow up over night; they have to learn how to act. They learn through observation (mostly by how we act; not by what we say). Conduct yourself like the people around you were depending upon you—they are; you’re their superior in some way.





2 thoughts on “Everyone is Your Inferior in Some Way

  1. Pray that the Holy Spirit will teach the the “new babies” in Christ Jesus and lead them into all Truth. Pray that the new babies in Christ Jesus will have a hunger for the milk of the Word, Jesus Christ. Celebrate with the new babies in Christ when they take their first steps toward maturity. Listen to them when they say their first words of testimony. Give them opportunity to share their faith experience, don’t drown them out by explaining that those of you had that experience umpteen years ago. Celebrate with them the Glory of God , His faithfulness and mercy is new every morning! Celebrate New Life with them and if they ask for help along the way, lend a helping hand.

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