The ONE THING for today

Waking Up in the Morning with the wrong Person!

  •  Genesis 29:25 (NKJV) Why then did you deceive me? (Genesis 29:21-28 // Proverbs 8:34-36 // Galatians 6:7-8)

Can you imagine waking up on the morning after your wedding night with the wrong person! That is what happened to Jacob. Jacob got “out-Jacobed”.   His new father-in-law did the old switcher-a-roo; he switched daughters somewhere between the wedding reception and the honeymoon suite.

However, surprisingly, Jacob’s response is rather tame. You’d think he might have committed manslaughter or at least broken a leg or two. But the truth is, Jacob did not have a leg to stand on—he had done the same thing, he had deceived his aged and blind father in a low down and dirty way. [1]

What goes around, comes around.

What goes around, comes around.

There’s a lesson here. The name of the lesson is “The Law of Reciprocity” and it means: You reap what you sow.

Oh people may get by for a season with cutting corners and in underhanded dealings, but smooth out the highs and lows of life with enough years and you will discover—without exception: a man reaps what he sows.

  • The ONE THING for today: Be a thoughtful and wise sower. There is a certain sphere of influence where you have the right to control. You can give that sphere over to others and let their attitudes and priorities grow there, or you can be a passive farmer and just let whatever grows there, or you can take charge of your life and sow intentional seeds that fit in with what you want for your life.
  • Anybody can manage an uncultivated field—just let nature take its course; but you drive by a well manicured and flourishing garden and you know somebody was very intentional.


Prayer: Pray over the rest of your life today. Think in terms of decades. At best you only have 7-9 decade and I’m guessing you’ve already used up several of them (unless you’re my brilliant grandchildren who were all born with the ability to read at a 12th grade level. Just kidding! :))

So what are you going to do with the few decades you have left? The seed you sow today will probably not make that big a difference over the next few days or weeks; but if you want the last decade(s) of your life to be prosperous and fulfilling you’d better make some wise choices and sow some good seed today. That merits some serious prayer.


The Power of Caring: You know as well I as do that many people do not practice what I’ve taught today. They live passive “live and let live” lives. You know some people like that. What you could do for them is at least sow some good seeds into their lives for them. Seeds of encouragement, faith-building and destiny, who knows, they made take root and change the course of their lives. There are enough people out there taking advantage of their passivity; you be your brother’s keeper.


[1] You can read this sad account in Genesis 27

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