A Mid-day Moment

Stop Shutting People Out

Twelve NoonIf you continue to tell people to go away (in word or deed), they will eventually do so.

Why not tell people how you really feel. Tell them you love them and need them—open up and let someone in today.

2 thoughts on “Stop Shutting People Out

  1. David I believe you are touching the very heart of God on this matter.

    Exclusivity is not an easy fix… but you and I have seen over the years that by the Spirit of God it can be done. One of the reasons I stepped out of Choir for a season is just to have more time before service to invest in the saints , new and old. I know the first year Delores and I came here there were few people willing to invest any of themselves into our lives. I do not hold this against anyone. It is what it is until God changes it. There will be no exclusive little corner in Heaven for anyone so we might as well get past it down here 🙂

    I know some will see it as a negative when they see me or another Minister visiting the flock, automatically thoughts may run to motives. On that note, I remember while we were co-pastoring once in the Pacific Northwest that a good hearted soul promised to give Deloris and I an offering when their money came in… “this never happened”, and as I told the Pastor, I would have referred them to him for his direction if they had. That is a law that I live by then and NOW.

    Well I will stop here and just say, “I remain…your friend and Brother in the Lord, and I am praying for you and thanking God in advance for the healing of your throat.”

    • Good evening Sam,

      One good thing about these “quiet” days I’m going through this week is that it gives me time to go through my mail and email. Always know that I love you and am glad to have a fellow minister helping me at FMCOG. Keep me in your prayers this week. Love to you and the Mrs., dlk

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