A Mid-day Moment

Don’t confuse me with the facts

Twelve Noon“Surely there is more than a grain of truth in the saying that the atheist cannot find God for the same reason the thief cannot find a policeman?” _John Blanchard, Does God Believe in Atheists, p. 64


  • When you cut through all the intellectual banter, at its core, atheism is an emotional choice—an atheist does not want to believe in God. Maybe it’s because their parents taught them that way and to pursue God would be to betray their parents. Maybe it is because of a bad encounter with some of God’s “representatives” or because of unexplained suffering and sorrow or simply if they believed in God they’d have to change their lifestyle. But whatever the reason, nothing you can say or do will change them; they will have to come to that point of change on their own.
  • Atheists are not the only people who make a stand simply because of emotional reasons. Honestly, we all do.
  • So what do you do with those impossible people you must interact with daily who have drawn an emotional line in the sand that doesn’t make sense?
  • Love them, pray for them, be respectful and refuse to “take the bait” by getting involved with their arguments for trying to justify their emotional choices.
  • Bottom line, leave changing them to God; in the mean time check your own emotional bank and make sure there’s no counterfeit deposits stored in your life.


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