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Female Trouble…Male Trouble

  • Job 14:1 (NKJV) Man who is born of woman Is of few days and full of trouble.

Several years ago, our cat, Zelda, was in “heat” and my wife remarked, “Zelda has female trouble.”  I’ve heard that expression all my life.  I learned early that it meant—“Don’t ask, it’s none of your business.”  images

When Sonja made that remark it occurred to me that you never heard men talk like that.  When is the last time you’ve heard about a man being sick and when you asked about him the response was, “He’s got male trouble.”

When I mentioned this to Sonja, she remarked, “Men don’t talk about their troubles, they just die.”  That’s so true, and it’s true for many women as well.

There’s no particular merit in never asking for help and comfort.  This is especially true in the Church where one of the illustrations used to describe the Church is a human body.  In other words, when part of the body is suffering the entire body feels the effects.  Matter of fact, if a part of your body is in distress and the rest of your body isn’t aware of it then there is an even greater issue going on.

Bottom line, do not go it alone; there is always someone who will care.  One of the oldest and most cruel tactics of the devil is to try to convince you otherwise—don’t believe him.

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