The ONE THING for today

The Harvest of Success…

  • Proverbs 16:16 (NKJV) How much better to get wisdom than gold!  And to get understanding is to be chosen rather than silver.

Why is it that failure is so taboo?  failure-success-300x204

Americans are addicted to success.  We talk about it, write about it, and idolize it.  We find someone who is a “success” and set them up as the person we ought to be like; and heaven forbid that one of our heroes were to fail.

Yet I assure you, the insistence that failure is bad and must be avoided and that succeeding is good and must be achieved, is a death trap.  Nothing kills the joy of life like having “being a success” as your goal in life.

The Bible warns that you can gain the whole world and still not succeed.

The Bible commends being good and faithful.

One of the danger of making “success” your goal is allowing someone else to define for you what success is.  Don’t allow other people’s expectations and demands determine whether or not you see yourself as a success.

Another danger is making “success” an event.  People who do this are always moving from event to event with the pressure of having to succeed.  They live under the constant pressure of having to perform–like, right now.  (Never mind that you succeeded yesterday; what can you do for me today?)

“Success” is not the all-encompassing goal of life.  Matter of fact, success is not really the goal at all—success is more of a by-product of a life lived well.

You get up each day and fail—learn from it and move on.  Then you fail again and learn from it and move on.  You get up each day and sow seeds, serve, give, contribute…and then one day you look back over your life and realize that as a result of all the failures and tests and trials and serving and faithfulness that you’ve reaped a huge harvest—a harvest of wisdom, character, friendships and faith and you realize that you have truly become a success.


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