Life is more than duty…


  •  Psalm 16:11 (NKJV) You will show me the path of life; in Your presence is fullness of joy; at Your right hand are pleasures forevermore.

Don’t see your daily devotions as a duty; see them as covenant.

For example, when I married Sonja I didn’t consider it a duty; matter of fact it was more like a trap—not me silly! I was hoping to “trap” Sonja! 🙂 

Seriously, because of our love we were ready to move beyond friendship and dating and into a permanent relationship called marriage.

That marriage was formed with a covenant. The preacher didn’t say, “Join hands and repeat after me your duties.” Rather, he instructed us to face each other, join hands and repeat to each other our “promises” (vows).

Of course there are duties that are required to run a home and family but those are means—not the end. We didn’t married out of duty but out of love—and true love is always sealed with a promise.

Dear friend, if you are in relationship with Jesus Christ I assure you it was not duty that put him on the cross—it was love. Each morning the moment you open your eyes God is there. Matter of fact, His loving presence has watched over you through the night and will be with you through your day. It is not duty that drives God to these extremes—it is love.

Why not make a promise to Him today: “Because of my deep and profound love for you I promise to devote a portion of my day to just being with YOU.”

For Sonja and me, there were times in our early years that our promises to each other were tested and tried. There were times that it was more duty than love…but then…there came a time when we moved into the “no looking back zone”; there came a time that our love for each other so shaped us and sealed us that even the duties didn’t feel much like duties (At least most of the time!).

The same will be true for your devotional life if you will make the start. Why not start today?

Dear GOD: Father, Son and Holy Spirit—because of my deep and profound love for YOU I promise to devote a portion of my day to just being with YOU.

“I will give the first and best part of my day to sitting at His feet.” _Wayne Cordeiro

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