Does 5-minutes matter?

  • Ezra 9:8 (NASB) But now for a brief moment grace has been shown from the LORD our God…

I remember reading something that Napoleon said that has stayed with me ever since. When he was asked the secret to his greatness as a general he said, “One of the secrets to my many victories was that I learned the importance of five minutes.”imagesCAKXNSIO

That kind of thinking is so foreign. It is amazing how we can let time just “slip by” day after day and then wake up one morning and realize we have allowed opportunities to be lost forever. How does this happen?

I think one of the major reasons is that we have the tendency to focus on the “mountain tops” of life. What I mean by mountain tops are those things that we see way off in the distance. They are the things we are heading for but have not yet reached.

Mountain tops can be that vacation we are looking forward to while we miss a precious five minutes with those we love today.

Mountain tops can be that dream of retirement we are working so hard toward while we miss those five minutes of enjoying a special sunset with someone we love.

Bottom line: Live in the now. Don’t allow the numbing effects of routine to rob you of the special moments that float through your life like falling leaves in the autumn. Life is short; that “mountain top” event that you’re looking forward too may never happen, but there will be “brief moments of grace” given to you by God today—don’t miss them, savor and treasure them. They’re what make life worth living.

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