It’s what you believe that counts

“Young men! the only manly thing, the only strong thing, is Faith. It is not so far as a man doubts, but so far as he believes, that he can achieve or perfect anything. “All things are possible to him that believes.”” — Sermons Preached at Trinity Chapel, Brighton by Frederick W. Robertson Volume 1 by 1861 Tauchnitz


There’s no special merit in being agnostic or choosing to not believe. That’s the easy route.

Trumpeting to the world what you don’t believe helps no one.

If you are going to move forward, make a positive difference, provide a light for the darkness of our times it will require you to plant your flag on something (not nothing) and stand at the crossroads and say, “Come follow me.”

The last thing we need is one more doubting cynic

One more critical, smug – arms crossed, sitting in the stands – arm chair quarterback.

“I told you so, ” Helps no one.

“I knew it wouldn’t work,” is worthless.


A thousand times no!

Plant your flag.

Choose a side.

Take a stance.


It’s time for you to step up and spend your life doing something that matters…something you believe in…something that will endure.

The ONE THING for today: A life of doubt is a barren and fruitless life. Believe and live and others will follow.

Photo by Chad Stembridge on Unsplash

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