Thank you for slowing down

Since moving to Illinois traveling is still a part of my daily and weekly life. The difference from my travels in the Dakotas and Montana is that the “little” towns are much larger and much closer but the speed limits are still much the same.


The Dakotas and Montana are dotted with small towns and little villages.

Much of my life consists of driving to and through many of them.

And you would not believe the speed limits.

I could take you to several that have a speed limit of 10 and 15 mph! 25 mph is the norm.

Sometimes I feel like getting out and walking, I believe I could get through town faster…but then I wouldn’t have my van to continue the journey.

And to make matters worse, most of those towns have flashing radar signs (I’m sure there’s a better name for them) warning you, commanding you, shouting at you, nagging you (you get the picture) to SLOW DOWN!!!

It is so uninviting and unwelcoming.

But then I came to a little town with a flashing radar sign that simply said, “Thank you for slowing down.”

“Thank you for slowing down.”


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