Don’t miss the delight

This blog was first posted on this day in 2014. And now nine years later I have the delight to spend this day with Annie and her family…in Germany of all places!

The location from which I now repost this blog is certainly different than in 2014, but the message is just as true.


If you’ve tracked with me for a while with this blog you know that I have a list of reflection questions that I review regularly in order to keep myself on track.

One I was prompted to add a few years ago was: “What has delighted me lately?”

Maybe you’re like me, I have no trouble thinking in terms of “I like this or dislike this” or “this is fun or not fun”, or “this makes me happy or sad”, but delight is such a strong word—a word pregnant with cup-running-over emotions.

For example, when this question came up today my answer was immediate. This past Sunday afternoon Sonja took the entire Kemp tribe to see a production of the Nutcracker—everyone, that is, but Annie and me.

After consultations with Annie’s parents it was agreed that she was probably too young to attend an event like that. So I was…

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