Don’t miss the delight

If you’ve tracked with me for a while with this blog you know that I have a list of reflection questions that I review regularly in order to keep myself on track.

One I was prompted to add a few years ago was: “What has delighted me lately?”

Maybe you’re like me, I have no trouble thinking in terms of “I like this or dislike this” or “this is fun or not fun”, or “this makes me happy or sad”, but delight is such a strong word—a word pregnant with cup-running-over emotions.

For example, when this question came up today my answer was immediate. This past Sunday afternoon Sonja took the entire Kemp tribe to see a production of the Nutcracker—everyone, that is, but Annie and me.

After consultations with Annie’s parents it was agreed that she was probably too young to attend an event like that. So I was asked if I’d be willing to stay with Annie while everyone else attended the production; I gladly accepted (talk about a win/win!).

Those few hours together were pure delight.

But here’s the catch…and this is why it is important to include reflection time in your day…

…while Annie and I were together, I didn’t recognize it as a moment of delight. I enjoyed myself and I was happy but if I had thought of it as a rare—only a few times in my life moment of delight, I would have gotten even more out of it and would have treasured those precious moments even more.

Here’s the ONE THING for today: Discipline yourself to consciously recognize those special moments of delight and truly, truly savor them and bookmark them in your memory.

It’s a sad thing to look back over your life and recognize past potential moments of delight and know that you settled with just being happy.

I mention this today for it is my prayer during these next few Christmas season hours that you will not miss the moments of delight.


Psalm 37:4 (NKJV)

Delight yourself also in the Lord, And He shall give you the desires of your heart.

A moment of delight with my sweet Annie and son.
A moment of delight with my sweet Annie and son.

4 thoughts on “Don’t miss the delight

  1. Thank you for sharing yor heart about this! My parents divorced when I was 6 and I have a very distant relationship with my dad even though I lived with him after their divorce. To this day, I still feel that I hardly know him. Growing up, his life was ALL about his job and his second wife (who he left my mom for). Anyway, now that I am pushing 40, we are trying to mend our relationship. He and his third wife are coming tomorrow (Christmas Eve) and will be here most of the day as well as Christmas morning. Until I read your blog, for some reason I was dreading them being here b/c of all the cleaning and entertaining……to strangers! Now, I want to embrace this time with him and pray that some of our relationship is mended as well as my broken heart from so many years ago. Most of all I pray God will use our family to lead him to Christ so I can spend eternity with him too! Thank you for helping me to not miss the delight in having him here. He is a great man, with a good heart and easy to love but I have to let my guard down and embrace the moment! Merry Christmas!!!


  2. Reblogged this on The ONE THING and commented:

    This blog was first posted on this day in 2014. And now nine years later I have the delight to spend this day with Annie and her family…in Germany of all places!

    The location from which I now repost this blog is certainly different than in 2014, but the message is just as true.


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