Look for the Severe Market Swings

“Only when the tide goes out do you discover who’s been swimming naked.” __Warren Buffet


When the economy starts making the new you know things are going bad (for News Networks only talk about bad stuff) and when the Stock Market starts making the news the economy is really bad!

If you haven’t noticed, both the economy and the Stock Market have been making the news lately and predictability, like frighten sheep, investors are panicking and running for the exit.

But ironically, for the wise investor, these severe market swings provide excellent opportunities to put money to work. In other words, bad news is great news for the smart investor.

A wise Pastor (or leaders in any capacity) understands this principle and capitalizes on it in something far more important than money…people.

They look for the severe “Markets swings” in people’s lives and put their best efforts there.

When a major upswing like a wedding, a new baby, first day of school, a graduation, a promotion, a retirement, or any other major milestone comes to those they are leading they jump on board and C-E-L-E-B-R-A-T-E!!!

When a severe downswing comes like sickness, death, a divorce, a troubled child, job loss, or any other setback or tragedy, they are there, in the trenches, providing that personal touch and shoulder to cry on.

People expect you to be there on Sunday. But when you show up on Monday when their world looks like it’s coming to an end…now that is where you make the real difference and that is where you get your greatest return.

The ONE THING for today: Whatever your role or position in life, if you want to positively influence and help people, look for the “severe market swings” in their lives and make a major investment there.

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