Enjoying yourself

“And in the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.” ― Abraham Lincoln


Whatever you do, you must not make to big a deal about enjoying yourself!

It is too fraught with danger.

Being made in the image of God as we are, it is way to easy to become our own idol. That is at the core of enjoying ourselves. We become the focus, the end all.

Our happiness, and satisfaction and fulfillment becomes the goal. Life becomes about us, what we want, our satisfaction, our fulfillment.

Even that which is most sacred to us can becomes about us!

Marriage becomes about making us happy.

Children are to satisfy a need in us. And when they act like…well…children and say awkward things and do embarrassing things it is our ego and pride that must be protected.

Even church becomes about our enjoyment. Do I like the music, the preaching, the people? Does it work around my schedule? Can I get a good park, a good seat, and get out at a good time?

That’s no way to live.

You’re to finite.

God has far more for you than you.

Enjoy yourself by all means, but please, as much as possible, do it with others and for others…especially for the One whose image you bear.

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