A Double Knot

“The last of our human freedoms is to choose our attitude in any given circumstance.” _Victor Frankl


I have a pair of walking shoes that really serve me well…except for one thing…

The nylon shoestrings constantly relax which eventually causes the knot to unravel. Since I’ve owned these shoes I’ve probably retied them a hundred times or more.

Recently, as I was griping to myself about those nylon shoestrings, as I yet again had to retie them, it occurred to me, “How long am I going to do this?”

I decided that I could…

(1) Buy a new pair of shoes (not cost efficient)

(2) Replace the shoestrings (not a bad idea, but I hate to shop)

(3) Use a double knot

I went with the double knot. Problem solved! (Why didn’t I do that earlier!!!?)

The ONE THING for today: Fuss or find a solution? The choice is yours.

Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

2 thoughts on “A Double Knot

  1. I really appreciate all that you have to say. I don’t even recall how I got on your list, but the blog never fails to provide a thought-provoking serving of wisdom. I often forward your blog to a friend of mine who frequently comments that you must be overhearing our conversations.

    How right today’s blog is. An admirer of Man’s Search for Meaning, I often think on Frankl’s perspective and recall how he marveled at the rainbow colors in the fish scales of a meager meal he was given. We are humbled by his perspective and grateful that he shared it. I thank God for those who, like yourself, teach from their experience. Recently I applied this wisdom to my own life in a particular circumstance of great significance to me. I don’t think I can change it, or until God can, I am the one who has to choose happiness daily.

    Recently I was noting the unexplainable bounty of new shoelaces I have sitting around. They must have come in multiples. What’s more, they are a sort of zigzag that makes them less prone to come untied! It would give me great pleasure to send you a few sets. Will you allow me to?

    My sincere thanks for your writing.

    Marian Castinado riskcastinado@gmail.com

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    1. Hey Marian! Thank you for your kind (and well written) remarks. And thanks for the offer of the shoelaces. I’d better take a raincheck for now. For the last few years I have been moving more and more towards off-loading things versus collecting things. The simpler the better for me lately. I know you’re understand. But the your generosity is greatly appreciated.


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