I’d Like to Introduce Myself: When it All Began, Part 1

As the new Administrative Bishop for the Church of God in Illinois I think it only appropriate to introduce myself for I truly believe that the ability to lead effectively requires having healthy relationships.

Leadership requires trust and credibility and for that to occur it requires knowing the leader.

Only time will tell if I deserve your trust and have the “street creds” to move beyond just holding an office and truly walking side by side with you as a ministry partner, but hopefully as I introduce myself over the next few weeks I can speed up the process a little.

4 thoughts on “I’d Like to Introduce Myself: When it All Began, Part 1

    1. Sonja and I love you Phyllis, you are a special encouragement to us. And yes, I am praying for my beloved Fort Mill COG! I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for the love and support of FMCOG–you included.


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