Is it okay to quit?

“The time to quit is before you wish you had.”
― Kimberly K. Jones


Possibly one of the dumbest things someone can say is, “I’m not a quitter.”

Plodding through some unproductive, life-diminishing task or project just because you’re no quitter is no good. Unless you have reached perfection and omniscience and have all wisdom then you should be quitting far more than you even realize.

Cut your losses.

Quit the fun time-wasters that puts your brain on autopilot and hold you back.

Quit the dysfuntion.

Quit those relationships you know in your heart are not good for you.

Quit the comfortable to make room for a new challenge.

Quit the bad habits.

Quit the meaningless and demoralizing.

Quit making excuses.

Quit to make room for something better.

The ONE THING for today: Is it okay to quit? YES, almost always!!! It usually takes far more courage and resolve to quit than it does to keep plodding on with the familiar, comfortable, and same old same old.

Photo by Jackson Simmer on Unsplash

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