Is the only ultimate option cynicism?

“Scratch any cynic and you will find a disappointed idealist.” _George Carlin


Don’t let cynics intimidate you.

Cynics have surrendered. They’ve given up believing and all they can do is mock those who do.

At it’s core, cynicism is a gross miscalculation about God.

If you have no hope that there is a God then the only positive option you ultimately have is a groundless fake cheerfulness that whistles in the dark of a meaningless universe that is slowing cooling down to become a lifeless and meaningless graveyard of mindless matter.

Choosing to be a cynic versus that makes sense.

Moreover, even if you believe in the existence of God but see him as a distant and uninterested Being or Force, then there is little to foster hope in that philosophy either.


If you understand that God is the most joyful, loving, and caring Being who exists and that he created the universe (and you) for a special, beneficial, and eternal purpose and will eventually right every wrong and put to rights every injustice and reward every good deed and honor every sacrifice…then you are braced with an indomitable bravery that allows you to whistle in the dark because you’re guided by the Light.

The ONE THING for today: Answer the question, “What is God like?” incorrectly and ultimately the only option left for the thinking person is cynicism. Answer it correctly, the only option left for the thinking person is eternal hope.

Photo by Clarisse Meyer on Unsplash

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