Walk ’em!

“If a man can beat you, walk him.” _Satchel Paige, Baseball Hall of Fame pitcher


“I’ll pass” is a perfectly acceptable response. So is, “No thank you.”

It’s okay to lose battles that are not worth winning anyway and there’s no immutable law written that obligates you to succeed at everything or fill every waking moment of your life with “productive activities.”

The ONE THING for today:

Pick a few things you can win at and walk the rest.

Satchel Paige of the St. Louis Browns, October 1, 1952.


2 thoughts on “Walk ’em!

  1. Good advise as always Pastor Kemp. We will never forget FIDO, forget it and drive on……love to you Joe & Ann


    1. Hey my dear and dearly loved “saints”! While I stand by my FIDO philosophy for those irritating circumstances in life, there are some things (and people) that I never want to forget…even if I have to drive on. You two are at the top of that special memories list.


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