There’s always a path forward

For ships sail East, and ships sail West

On the self-same winds that blow,

It is not the gale, but the set of the sail

That determines the way they go!


If you had a choice, you’d never choose cancer, getting fired, being divorced, or being betrayed by a close friend.

On a trip, you’d much rather not get a flat tire or get lost.

I’m guessing you’d rather it not rain on the days you schedule picnics and that everyone got everything they want every Christmas.

But unfortunately life doesn’t always happen the way we want it too. Pain comes, trials test us, and the clouds of sorrow and sadness press down upon us. And most often we have little choice and little say in it.

But we do have a choice on how we will respond and the direction we will go from there.

The ONE THING for today: Never allow disappointment, pain, and sorrow to separate you from your purpose. As random and meaningless as life can sometimes seem, there is a plan and purpose behind your life. Believe it! Cling to it! And let it give you a reason to hold on to hope, for as long as you have hope you, have a path forward.

There’s always a path forward…

Photo by Milosz Falinski on Unsplash

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