On breaking rules and making history

“If you want to repeat history, do it the way it’s always been done.  If you want to change history, do it the way it’s never been done before.  History makers are rule breakers.” _Mark Batterson, The Grave Robber: How Jesus Can Make Your Impossible Possible


I recently added the above Mark Batterson quote to my quotation file.

I could not agree more with Batterson’s sentiments.


…the one thing we must not do is apply it “sweepingly”” — as an either/or proposition.  (Keeping the rules to repeat history is bad and breaking the rules to make history is good.)

Sometimes the best thing that can happen is for history to be repeated. 

There is a time and place for breaking the rules but until then, the rules are there for a purpose—best to find out why, for as the old saying goes, good fences make good neighbors.

The ONE THING for today: By all means, be open to being a history maker. But be sure the new rules you’re making are better than the old ones.

RE: Today’s picture. I can’t decide if the character in the picture is a rule breaker about to make history or if he’s just had too much coffee. You decide 🙂

Photo by Start Digital on Unsplash

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