Only for the Called

God has called us, and we are never more ourselves than when we are fully stretched in answering.” _Os Guinness, The Call


The question is not “Does anyone care?”

The question is not “Am I succeeding?”

The question is not “Can I do it?”

The question is: “Am I called?”

If your answer is yes –

You can’t quit.

The ONE THING for today: If you know you’re called, then keep going. Go discouraged if you must. Go even if provisions, resources, and help are scarce. Go without applause, support, or encouragement, if need be. But…keep going…for you are called…and God is faithful to those He calls.

2 thoughts on “Only for the Called

  1. The Lord had our paths cross for a reason; I’m so glad He did. Your encouraging words have always come at the right time.
    Thank you,

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