When it Comes to Life it is Either/Or

He saved others but he cannot save himself. _Chief priests, Mark 15:31


Finally they admit it…

It took Jesus hanging on a Cross for them to admit it, but I couldn’t agree more with the Chief priests, scribes, and Pharisees – Jesus saves.

It is more than a bumper sticker or billboard. It is the hope of the world.

But there’s more, and please don’t miss it…

This scenario is played out everyday in millions of ways by amazing heroes and martyrs of whom the world will never hear.

Not on the same cosmic level as Christ, but true nevertheless…

You cannot save others and save yourself.

You cannot save others and save yourself.

For example…

Forget the politics for a moment.

Forget the two seemingly irreconcilable sides holding the placards and screaming at each other. Through both sides may articulate it differently they both understand…

For an unborn child to live a potential mother cannot save herself.

A good way to describe parenting is that it is a slow death…

  • Death to your schedule
  • Death to your sleep
  • Death to your priorities, passions, pride, and personal desires
  • And if need be, actually dying
  • Till the day you breath your last breath

We want so desperately to find a win/win.

But I am not talking about “winning” or making a difference or making a contribution. I am talking about saving lives. And like a soldier fighting to save his country, you can’t save others and yourself; it is an either/or proposition.

The ONE THING for today: It is one of the immutable laws of the universe, if you hope to save others you cannot save yourself.

Photo by Andrae Ricketts on Unsplash

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