Before Boarding the Ship

““The Heritage folk will be startled,” Banichi said. “To say the very least.” “Startled people,” Jago said, “can do very stupid things.”” — Emergence (Foreigner Book 19) by C. J. Cherryh


Many leaders think they’re Santa Claus; they think it is their job to go around surprising people.

But it has been my experience that people don’t like surprises as much as one would think.

I have learned that a wise leader gives plenty of advanced notice that change is coming, for indeed, startled people are seldom happy people and unhappy people are less apt to get on board with the leader’s great idea.

The ONE THING for today: Before going public, there should be a whole lot of private meetings. To really get on board, the stake holders need to be given the opportunity to board the ship long before it is scheduled to set out for sea.

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