The search for perfexion

“Excellence Matters, but ‘Pobody Is Nerfect’”. _J. David Stephens, Chapter title in the book: Awakening the Church in North America


It is amazing what you can do if you do not have to have the best, be the best, or have everything turn out perfect. 

And never underestimate the amazing creativity and contribution that the most unlikely people can make…and that includes you. 

Meeting expectations is good; exceeding expectations is even better, but sometimes you need to create new expectations and the old standard of excellence will only hold you back.

The danger with reading about great leaders, explorers, and inventors — people who pushed human civilization forward and made life better for all of us — is that we know how their journey ends. But if you had been there you would discover that their success was anything but guaranteed.

If you had been an eye witness, you would have discovered that they mostly muddled through their journey to greatness by ignoring the critics, taking three steps forward and then two steps backward, and making the best of what was dealt to them each day.

And then one day these very ordinary “great” people reached a tipping point where they did more than meet expectations or even exceed expectations…they created new expectations which changed the world.

The ONE THING for today:

If you are waiting for the perfect time to get started, if you’re waiting until you have a clear plan, enough resources, and strong backing, your hopes and dreams will never come to fruition. But there’s good news!

You don’t have to wait until the perfect time to get started, start muddling forward today – success comes through the common, the broken, and very imperfect. And there’s plenty of that all around you and in you.

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