Invisible Things

Beware of things you can’t see!

For example, what is “luxury”?

Slick marketers will try to attach these invisible concepts like luxury to visible places, events, and things and then charge you more because they are supposedly better than other things.

But maybe luxury for you is not spending a ton of money to load a ton of luggage on a 75 ton jet to fly across the planet to sit under the same sun you have back at home with a bunch of strangers you’ll never met again.

Maybe “luxury” for you is sitting in your own worn easy chair wearing your own ragtag bedroom slippers sipping coffee from your own favorite chipped mug that says, “World’s greatest chocolate eater” and reading a good book or watching your favorite television show.

Both are okay – but it ought to be up to you to decide.

Not your neighbor,

Not what’s popular or trendy,

And certainly not some guy or gal trying to crack open your wallet to get you to buy something or do something you don’t really want to do.

Invisible Things

The world is full of invisible things.

Things like: ideas, opinions, emotions, and words, and they are powerful when attached to things or embraced as your own.

And that’s okay as long as it is you deciding to embrace them and you’re not being coerced by peer pressure, slick marketing, or Chicken Little newscasters telling you the sky is falling.

The ONE THING for today: One of your most treasured rights and privileges is the right to chose. Do not give that right away no matter how persuasive the argument is. Maybe they’re right and you will agree, But first, do your own thinking, make your own choices, you decide. And be content with the results. You won’t get it right every time but at least you’ll have the satisfaction of being free.

Photo by Humberto Baddini:

Does this picture bring to mind luxury for you? It appears that many see it that way. That’s fine – but you decide for yourself.

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