“They have no wine.” _Mary, mother of Jesus (John 2:3)


It is amazing what simply stating the obvious can achieve…it can be miraculous.

Oh the pretend games we play with those we love, work, and live amongst.

An indication of just how common this is is the rich vocabulary we have for it: Posturing, shirting around the issue, walking on eggshells, beating around the bush…

The truth?

Things will not get fixed, repaired, resolved, renewed, revitalized, rekindled, or restored until someone has the courage to state the obvious.

We’re often like two fishermen sitting in a boat with a huge hole in the bottom who are so busy fishing that they just ignore the rising water. They can do that for awhile but eventually they better be able to swim.

One more thing…

Like Mary stating the obvious, the goal is not to be cute, clever, or hurtful. Stating the obvious is about acknowledging reality and getting to work on changing it.

The ONE THING for today: Just because it’s obvious doesn’t mean anything gets done. Only until someone has the courage to call out the obvious does the ball get rolling.

Photo by Honza Vojtek on Unsplash

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