A Master Craftsman

“Things turn out best for the people who make the best of the way things turn out.” —John Wooden


At best “control” is short-term and mostly an illusion. 

Ever tried to “control” a three-month-old baby?  A three-year-old? Wait until they turn 13! (If you’re like me, I have trouble just controlling me!)

Has your railing at a overcast sky that rained on your picnic ever changed the weather?

Has your rant ever really changed someone’s mind and made things lastingly better?

When was the last time things went 100% your way for longer than a few moments? 

At best “control” is short-term and mostly an illusion. 

Yet we insist on wanting to be in control.

Better to be like sculptor John Lopez.

Lopez, raised on a ranch in South Dakota started his professional life as a bronze-work sculptor.  But his career took a turn when a beloved aunt died (hard to control death).  He crafted an archangel figure for the tomb site of his aunt with scrap metal and that started him on a path of taking old farm equipment and scrap metal and molding them into masterpieces. 

I’ve seen his work myself in my travels across the Dakotas and even met him one evening in a Lemmon, SD restaurant (a nice guy). 

Face it, we live in a broken world full of broken people.  Control is mostly an illusion, but we can craft something from all the bits and pieces of life.

We can take the good, the bad, the ugly and everything else that is thrown at us, and with a positive attitude, a lot of hard work (“elbow grease”) maybe make something meaningful and good from it, and at least not make things worse.

And, if we’re willing to surrender it to God…even craft a few things that are of eternal significance. 

The ONE THING for today:

Give up being a control freak and instead start being a master craftsman.

I took this picture of a John Lopez sculpture at the Boss Cowman Square in Lemmon, SD. For a much better picture and interesting information about the sculpture go to:

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