If you love Mexican food…

“God is no respecter of people, but He is a respecter of his principles.” _Mark Condon, Gap Hill COG music conference


Have you ever eaten more Mexican food than you should have and woke up in the middle of the night with stomach cramps and begged God to ease the pain? 

Amazingly, God in his mercy seldom does. 

He understands that what is best for us is to be reminded of his principles for living a healthy and fulfilling life.  And of course one of those principles is — gluttony does not pay! (Boy have I learned this the hard way.) 

Emotions and desires are wonderful things…


…they provide fuel for abiding by solid principles.


  • Getting pumped to go for a run or get in a workout so that you can live more healthily
  • Getting inspired to get out of debt so that you can live a more fulfilling life
  • Getting motivated to do the extra things at work that non-motivated people will not do because you see yourself getting promoted to a position that allows you to leverage your life more fully for your God, your family and your fellowman. 


Emotions and desires unattached from solid principles quickly cause us to run amuck and creates pain–both for us and those we love.

The ONE THING for today:

Before taking action fueled by your emotions and desires ask yourself, “What’s the underlying principle here?”  It will save you a whole lot of trouble, and that’s God mercy.

I took this picture in the parking lot of the Prairie Stop gas station. The flag on top gives you an idea of how big this tower is.
Also, Prairie Stop is one of the few places you can meet someone for lunch in Hoven, SD (population around 400). But remember, they close from 2-4 p.m.

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