The “Real” Truth

One cannot be saved by that which is not true.

Thomas Oden, Life in the Spirit, p. 138

One of the strengths of democracy is its commitment to the plurality of ideas.

The marketplace of ideas and different opinions is celebrated and encouraged and this is liberating.

But we must never confuse the plurality of ideas with the singularity of truth.

All ideas cannot be true. (You and I both know that.)

Oh, I know, there’s always those who try to convince us that there is a plurality of truths (your truth vs. my truth, etc.), but none of us lives that way, including the evangelists of the plurality of truth.

The moment your truth impinges on my rights (or life!) it is no longer true!

Professor Oden’s words recorded at the beginning of this blog are a succinct reminder of this important truth.

The ONE THING for today: One can live a long time with a hazy and fluid idea of what truth is. But eventually life comes down to your last breath and then…and then only the real truth will matter.

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