Reasonably Controlled Chaos

I suspect most of my blogs are mostly about keeping me straight! This one sure is. Maybe you need to be reminded as well… 🙂


Reasonably Controlled Chaos, audio

If a good day for you means you were in control and most everything worked out the way you planned it, then buckle up…you’re probably in for a rough ride. 

This does not mean you do not plan and prepare.

Neither does it mean you throw up your hands and quit when emergencies and crises barge into your day.

Having structure, organizing, and planning is…well…a good practice. It defines priorities, sets directions, and helps you be a good steward of the resources under your care.

But you must not become a slave to these things either. For I promise you, without fail, the unexpected is on the way (expect it!) and it will come at the worse possible moment and in the most aggravating way.

To pretend otherwise is to set yourself up for a frustrating day. 

I have a friend who likes to say, when…

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