Who Cares?

Attach the face of someone you care for to every problem, conflict, or troubling issue.  _Kemp’s Rules #53


There is a big difference between caring for someone and caring about them.  And that difference makes all the difference.

For example, we can all be thankful for the dedicated and highly trained hospital professionals who give us the very best care available, but the untrained tender touch of someone who cares about us is a far more potent healing touch.

We experience this every day. 

  • The sullen person across the counter who is serving you your meal.
  • A company pretending that a fake human voice of a computer giving you options on your phone is “customer service.”
  • The sugary salesperson trying to sell you something.
  • The polite neighbor pretending to listen.

But then you run into someone who genuinely cares… 

Level one: They care about their job and take pride in doing it well.  That’s refreshing!

Level two: They care about people and genuinely seek to serve.  That’s amazingly exceptional!

Level three: They care about you.  Now that’s transformational!


The ONE THING for today: Whether directly or indirectly, whether for pay or not for pay, caring for people is your job.  Caring about people is your calling, and that makes all the difference.

Photo by Benji Aird on Unsplash

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