Remembering no toilet paper

Remember this time last year?

It was a year ago this week that I first walked into Walmart and discovered shelves completely empty of toilet paper.

That was a weird feeling.

Here is my entry in my journey for that day (March 10, 2020): When under stress and fear, people respond in the oddest ways.  For example, the way people are responding to the coronavirus scare is by making a run on toilet paper!  You never know.  This is a good reminder, for this happens in other areas as well.  When I am dealing with people who are stressed and afraid, I must not expect reason to always prevail.  Sometimes, I will have to wait for the dust to settle.

Not a bad reminder.

The ONE THING for today: As you go through your day, don’t expect people to always be reasonable, expect them to be…well, people. That is both exciting and a little scary. But that’s a part of what makes life interesting.

What a difference 365 days makes.

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