Sad but Not Bad

This morning I was reading in my journal and this entry from 2017 stood out to me: “Today has been a good-bye day–sad but not bad.”

The background was that I was saying good-bye to my son and his family knowing that it would be months before I saw them again but also thankful for the precious memories of the last few days.

Sad but not bad…

It’s okay to be sad.

Sadness whispers in your ear, “Don’t forget! Treasure those special moments, friendships, and memories.”

Sadness calls you to stop a moment and count the cost. It reminds you that you have indeed lost something but with that loss, you have also gained something. To not remember is to be ungrateful, to desecrate the sacred and sully the pure.

But sadness is also a call to transition. It says, “That’s season is over. Remember it and treasure it, but now it’s time to move on. There’s other opportunities up the road.”

Bottom line, it’s okay to be sad, just don’t live there.

The ONE THING for today: Sadness is a call to remember, treasure, and move forward. Sad, but not bad…

Photo by Jisun Han on Unsplash

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