“Kemp’s Rules” #1-3

The picture included with this video is a picture I took in South Dakota a few days ago. It is called Bear Butte and is just a few miles north of Sturgis, SD. I remember the first time I saw it. It was the winter of 2018 and I was driving south from Bismarck heading to Rapid City. Little by little I noticed, like a sunrise over the ocean, the butte rising up from the distant horizon. It was a breath-taking experience to drive on that long straight road (see the road on the left) and watch the Bear Butte rise up mile by mile until it dominated the landscape.

All that to say this, one of the things that reveals the image of God in us is that we can see beauty and experience wonder. Both a man and a cow can see the butte, but only a man can see the beauty and name it Bear Butte.

In this day of seemingly ever-increasing conflict, strife, and discontent, don’t let all the noise and confusion block you from seeing beauty. It is there, in the most unlikely places and in the most difficult circumstances if you are looking for it.

Keep looking for beauty…it’s what makes us human and when we share it with others it is what makes us brothers and sisters instead of competitors and enemies.

But enough of that…now on to three of my rules for life…

Another view of Bear Butte | https://gfp.sd.gov/parks/detail/bear-butte-state-park/

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