Time to forfend

I stumbled on the neatest website the other day. It’s called wordgenius.com, and it sends me a daily email with a “word of the day.” Many days I just quickly delete it and go on. But when I have a moment, I will usually take a look at the new word they are introducing.

Recently the word of the day was “Forfend

Forfend: (1) Avert, keep away, or prevent (something evil or unpleasant); (2) Protect (something) by precautionary measures.

Forfend” is akin to “defend” but there is a subtle difference.

Living defensively is digging a bunker and waiting on the enemy to bomb you. Living forfendsively is digging a tunnel under the enemy lines an ambushing your enemy before he bombs you.

Defending yourself has to do with survival; forfending yourself is figuring out how to get ahead of things; not only hoping to survive, but planning to thrive.

Defending yourself is doing your best to be prepared when the other shoe drops. Forfending is about pursuing your dreams so that you are not even there when the the other shoe drops.

I am not advocating an either/or approach. Both a good defense and a good offense are required in life.

  • You need a savings account and an investment account.
  • You need to invest in your current friendships and make new friends.
  • You need to do your job well and be preparing for your next job/career.
  • You need to take your vitamins and exercise.
  • You need to pray and work.

Bottom line, while a good defense is crucial, eventually, if you hope to win in life, you have to go on the offense.

The ONE THING for today: What is one thing you could do today to stop you from simply waiting for the next thing to happen, and start you on the path of making good things happen? Take the time to answer that question and then forfend!

The Cybersecurity Shift: The Best Defense Is a Good Offense – Channel  Futures

One thought on “Time to forfend

  1. I enjoy this site as well! Trusting I am forfending as I dig even deeper into the Word and draw even closer to Him who defends me! Blessings, Claudia

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