You be the prod

Winston Churchill is one of my favorite historian figures.

Some would argue that he single handedly saved the free world during World War II. They could build a good case.

One of the secrets to Churchill’s extraordinary impact was his passion for action. He didn’t sit around and wait to see what others would do. He was willing to make the first move.

Here’s an example from Jon Meacham’s book, Franklin and Winston:

One morning during his second term as British Prime Minister, he was deep in his seventies at this time, Churchill called his private secretary in and asked, “Has anything happened?” “No,” replied his secretary. With a little mischief in his eyes, Churchill replied, “Then let’s make something happen.”


Now, you are probably not in a life or death struggle to save the free world, but I am guessing things could be better in your little corner of the world.

Make something happen today.

Be the first to forgive, to smile, go the second mile, and extend a helping and welcoming hand.

Lead the way in speaking encouragement, hope, healing, and reconciliation.

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Mr. Churchill, in reflecting back over his life once said, “I am certainly not one of those who needs to be prodded.  In fact, if anything, I am the prod.”

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The ONE THING for today: You don’t save the free world or make your corner of the world a better place by passively waiting around for someone else to do something. You be the prod that produce progress. Take action, be the cause instead of the result.

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