When Your Priorities Keep being Moved to the Back of the Line

Back in the day I had a jeweler in my church.

In addition to having a traditional showroom where jewelry was sold, he also had a thriving repair business which was handled mostly by his two sons.

He also had a daughter.

On one occasion his daughter needed a treasured piece of jewelry repaired but, brothers being what brothers are, they keep putting her piece of jewelry to the back of the “to be repaired” line.

Finally she had had enough. She got a new work order and labeled it “Sonja Kemp” (my wife).

These boys, seeing their Pastor’s wife’s name on the work order, immediately moved the work order up to the front of the line and before the day was over their sister’s piece of jewelry was repaired.

You can imagine their surprise when they found out they had been outwitted by their kid sister!

(Side note: This is why women who have brothers are so dangerous, they had to be very creative just to survive! When you see a successful woman there’s a good chance that there’s a stubborn brother in the background that deserves, at least some, of the credit.)

Now here’s the point…

There’s always a “big brother” moving your priorities (hopes, dreams, desires, duties, responsibilities, and well-being) to the back of the line.

However, believe it or not, you have a choice. As I heard one fellow say: “When life has knocked you down, you can sit on your bed and squawk, lie on your bed and talk, or you can take up your bed and walk.”

It all starts with a question…

The ONE THING for today: When your priorities have been moved to the back of the line, one of the most powerful and effective questions to ask yourself is: So, what am I going to do about it?

Time to get creative!

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The universe is set up to reward activity.” _Henry Cloud

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