Will this sink the ship?

Have you ever been on a sinking boat or ship? 

I suppose the closest I have ever come was being on a “tossing raft.” 

9 Whitewater River Rafting Trips in New England and the Northeast -  Appalachian Mountain Club

I remember the occasion well.  I had taken a church group on a white-water rafting trip.  Soon we had paired off to our assigned raft and were ready to push off.  However, our tour guide was very insistent that we all had on a life jacket. (I soon discovered why!)

About halfway through the trip we hit one of the “big ones”, one of the most difficult rapids and…you guessed it, I soon found myself with a paddle but no raft! 

Being plunged into a mountain stream is no fun.  But it is nothing like being on a sinking ship.  With a little help from my friends I was able to crawl back into the raft, but on a sinking ship the only option is to hope for rescue or a distant shore to swim to.

Life is full of dangerous rapids that could sink your ship.

I’m not telling you to not go down those rapids, but I would caution you to ask, “Is this worth sinking the ship over?”

Instead of using the word “ship” when asking this questions, insert words like marriage, health, reputation, career, your retirement fund, a friendship, your eternal destiny. 

O there are life jacket words like divorce settlement, medical treatment, relocation, bankruptcy, deathbed conversion, but they are a poor substitute for “the ship” and the collateral damage can last for generations. 

The ONE THING for today: Life is not meant to be lived timidly or even safely, but it is also not meant to be lived foolishly.  Count the cost, be wise; before signing that document or saying yes, before acting on that impulse, or “sure thing”, ask yourself, “Could this sink the ship?”  If it could, it had better be worth the trip.

SEIU's Sinking Ship

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