The Boss is asking, “What do you need to eliminate?

One of my favorite rules of life is that I am only one idea or one relationship away from the next level. 

All it takes is one new idea and you’re off and running.

You can struggle along for weeks and months and even years and then one day a new person walks into your life and it changes everything.

That rule is applicable here as well.  At any given time, there is one thing, if eliminated, would take you to a whole new level.

Physically, there is almost certainly one unhealthy food, if eliminated, would greatly increase your chance of living longer and better.

Maybe it is in the area of relationships.  Eliminating one harmful relationship can untether you from bondage and destructive thinking and cause you to soar to new levels.

Spiritually, eliminating one-time waster would allow you time for truly investing in your relationship with God.

Then there’s what I call

“elimination lite”. 

This does not involve total elimination of something but rather placing tight parameters on it.

Who said this was easy!

For example, I really like ice cream.  I could eat it every day.  But I allow myself one day a week (usually Sunday) to eat ice cream and I limit myself to one small container of ice cream.   It costs me substantially more to buy the small containers, but it will save me a fortune in medical bills down the road. 

The bible calls “elimination lite” moderation or self-control.  And it touches on every area of life.

Especially for runners…

The Bible gives us a useful metaphor for this as well.  It speaks of a runner eliminating “weights that hinder” in order to run faster and longer (Hebrews 12:1). 

“Weights” are not sins (those must be eliminated for sure), but they are things that hinder you from going to the next level.  They are those extra things you’re lugging along in your backpack of life that are costing you the winner’s prize.

Photo by Brian Erickson on Unsplash

Bottom line, a wise person is always on the lookout for things that should be eliminated from their life or cut down to size and placed under strict restrains.  This is what winners do.  And since you are a winner, the boss is asking, “What needs to be eliminated?”

The ONE THING for today: I must be ruthless at eliminating the trivial and unessential.  The Mission is too important, and the day is too far spent for me to waste time on things that do not help me leverage my life to the fullest for the Mission.  Being world class is impossible while playing little games.

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