The Boss is asking, “What do you need to preserve?”

The ONE THING for Today: What do I need to preserve?

Change for change’s sake must never be my goal. I shall resist the trendy and the populous opinion and preserve the transcendent and eternal.

Moreover, I must identify that which is producing the greatest return towards the Mission and preserve it, fund it, and steward it with all my might. 

I must be clear on what this is over the next 30-days.

There are at least two reasons for preserving something:

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FIRST: Old monuments define old battles and the sacrifices that were required to win those battles.  And to move forward without honoring those sacrifices will be taken as an indictment on the past.

However, when you honor the monuments of the past you create the goodwill necessary to lead the heroes of the past (and their children and children’s children) into the battles that will ensure a better future.

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SECOND: Excellence and productivity rapidly becomes the expected norm and are quickly taken for granted. Thus, in our efforts to forge into a new and better future, we must not neglect the very “engines” that are powering and “peopling” us into that future.

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